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Drunk bluff game

Obviously there are many cards games in the whole world. I think I want to share my 2 favorite games which can improve the evening temporarily. First one is “Roman’s drunken bluff”, which is mainly drinking game. Second one was introduced to me by English couple and is called “Chinese snap”. I have learned it in China, but it has apparently nothing to do with Chinese guys as they didn’t know about it 🙂

Roman’s drunken bluff

Let’s start with my game first. It is so long time I have heard about this game, that I do not even know how I know it. It is, it was my favorite game, till my new Chinese friends got me completely drunk that I have not played it since. They changed my rules and I could not handle the liters of beer 🙂
As every drinking game is about getting drunk, there is a recommendation, do not try to bluff too much in the beginning, because others could make you drink in the middle or the end of the round and you might not handle it well 🙂
Game starts with everyone having 4 cards. You can look at them until the game begins, then you need to have them on the table face down. You need to remember the numbers of the cards and be able to pick the right card if you are challenged.

Drunk bluff game and fans
Drunk bluff game and fans

In the middle of the table there is a pyramid of cards. You can start with 4 or 5 cards at the bottom. Each level of pyramid is worth 1 sip. If you have 4 levels, the bottom cards are for 1 sip, the top level card is for 4 sips. Wasted level is instead of sips you do shots or half-glasses. These numbers are doubled when challenged.

Game rules:

You start opening cards one by one from the bottom, one card = one round. Everyone can have only 1 challenge each round. Let’s say first card is with number 5. I remember I have a 5 among my four cards on the table. I can choose anyone and say: “I have a 5, I want you to drink”. The other person has 2 options. Believe me and drink the level of sips, in this case 1 sip. Or challenge me back and say: I do not believe you, show me number 5. If I show correct card, the other person drinks double sips, in this case 2. If I don’t show correct card, I drink double. This goes on until the last card on pyramid is revealed.

Drunk bluff game and fans
Drunk bluff game and fans

Extra rules for Roman’s drunken bluff:

You can keep same duplicated cards among your 4 cards. You cannot make 2 people drink, but if somebody challenges you, you can show both cards and then person drinks triple instead of double.

Chinese Snap

The second game I learned from English couple is called Snap or Chinese snap. It is fast pace game and it is about quick reactions based on last cards placed down. Player, who has all cards wins.

Whole pack is divided among the players. Nobody looks at the cards. Everyone puts cards in their own pack the way they do not see them. Then you put one card to the middle of the table from top of your deck one by one. You see the card when everyone see it on the table. This goes around until somebody snaps the cards in the middle of the table and takes them all or takes them by the rule described below.

There are 5 specials cards: Joker, Jack, Queen, King and Ace. When you put this card down, then next player must put one of those cards within 1-4 moves. Jack and Joker is 1 move and Ace is within 4 moves. If next player fails to put one of the special cards, you take the deck in the middle.

When can you snap and take the whole deck in the middle?

1. If there is 2 same cards on top of each other.

2. If there are 2 same cards on top of each other with any card between them, so called “sandwich”.


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