Project 4: Carpentry lesson. Pallet table and shelf.

This is not a typical RealRoman style of job, but hey, I needed a table and the challenge was bugging me for a while. After few days of thinking I planned to do a 1 day work and build a table for myself. I checked many pictures for ideas and inspiration and finally I chose the easiest way possible, so I thought.

Even though it was probably the easiest way possible, I feel like all the pictures are fake pallet tables, because it looked too perfect and if I had to do anything like that again, I just buy wood and make it look like a pallet table.

Anyway it turned out to be 2 tables and 1 shelf in 3 long days full of manual work, which I am not really used to from 6 cheap pallets – the lower quality ones. 1 pallet for 35.000 IDR, which is approximately 50Kc for one.

I learned how to use a tool I don’t even know how to call (it was pretty noisy, scary and dusty). Enjoyed hammering the nails and probably the most annoying part was cleaning the wood with sandpaper and painting the wood parts.

Last part was the another kind of challenge – placing the glass on unequal surface – I didn’t really think about that in advance and had some trouble. First I thought I would level it with some plastic on few spots where it is low, but couldn’t find those buttons in several shops (it is kind of another challenge in Indonisia), so afterall I used glue gun (melted silicon) to level the table. It was not easy at all, but worked out into terrible design, but well enough for using the table.

Table is finished and I can enjoy many hours of computer time. In addition I will never have a glass table again as mouse does not work on it πŸ˜€ At last I learned I also need to be smarted about position of the shelf, because some people are shorter than me and cannot reach it properly πŸ™‚

P.S. Thank you Agung for borrowing me your working tools and for your help!

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