Bako national park

Borneo is huge island divided between 2 countries. Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei. I went to Malaysian part to see Orangutans, which are getting low on numbers due to various reasons, but mainly for slow reproduction and palm oil plantations. I was lucky to see some in the rescue center, where they come for some food […]


Lionfish as a symbol of Singapore

*Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures from the trip, but at least a few of them for reminding. I was not really planning to go to Singapore. I usually avoid big cities in my travels, but this time I had few reasons to see it. I have a local friends in Singapore, I haven’t really […]


Virgin beach, Bali

I have been in Indonesia for 3 months so far and I must say this travel break brought various experience and slightly different perspective on life in Asia. Original idea was to have a break and do nothing after 6 months of full time travels. The plan has changed into surfing and coding after one […]

Solo traveling gives and takes

ATVs in Lijiang

I am currently traveling for 4 months(time flies) and I have already noticed the differences between solo and group/couple travels in first month. There are advantages and disadvantages on the topic of traveling, cons and pros are everywhere. 1. Your choice What I like the most and is pretty known thing about solo travels is […]