The main purpose of my blog is about travels, but this part of blog is about my coding skills and other parts of my life, which i can call projects. After six months of traveling I feel an urge to do something creative, to build something and that’s why I decided to create a new section for projects. I will start with small ones and we will see where I end up in few months or years.

At the same time it is not only being creative, but also learning something new. I do try new things in general, but I feel this might be bigger than just a hobby 🙂

Please check the projects below and feel free to give me feedback or suggestions.

Project 3: Friska Ginting

Friska Ginting

I have met a talented artist and I helped her to set up website, while I was in China. Her name is Friska Ginting and she enjoys painting anything, but her favorite is jungle tropical colors theme. Her website is created on WordPress and WooCommerce. I modified the theme for her needs and made […]