Surprising monk experience

Lanzhou monk

This photo does not look any special. I chat and take pictures with people all the time. This time it was quite experience for me 🙂

As you can see I met this monk, we were talking and I was obviously curious about Buddhism. We exchanged contacts and later agreed to meet up. He was a bit pushy to meet (I was lazy and did not want to go anymore), but I agreed as I was really curious to find some more info about their lives 🙂

He picked me up at my hotel and as we walked out of the door he slapped my ass. I had already few beers by then, so I was like, hey maybe monks are like team sport players who scores and do this kind of gesture. Anyway it felt weird and maybe it was accident as it was dark.

We went to tea house where you can sit in a private booth and shut the curtains and drink your tea, it started to be little bit strange. He did not let me pay for my tea. Anyway we chat about Buddhism and his temple and life and he “accidently” touched me on my thighs. It started to be pretty clear what is going on by then.

I told him I like girls and specifically one in Indonesia. It put him off for few minutes and then he came back to me. I was nice and clear with what I meant that I do not like him.

He got sad and tried to kiss me. I did not expect that. I finished my tea and we said good bye. After I got back to my hostel, I had beer and little chat in common area, and found that the monk was asking if there are big enough beds in the hostel, whether we both fit on mine tonight. What a plan 🙂 I laughed, finished my beer and went to sleep.

I think this little story brings up 2 questions. What do the monks do all day in the temple? And are the monks allowed to have homosexual relationship, but not heterosexual one? 🙂

Lanzhou monk
Lanzhou monk


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